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Custom Scrapbooks by Lisa

busch gardens
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ultra clear tape
ultra sticky sheets
tape runner
seed beads
micro beads
12 x 12 decorative paper
12 x 12 coordinating cardstock
printable vellum stcky sheet

1. Mat photos with cardstock and place on page.
2. Using the sticky sheet, punch or handcut out 2 flowers to the size needed. Cut out the desired amount of leaves.
3. Place micro beads in a small tray, peel off the backing paper on one side of the leaves and dip into beads, set aside. Follow the same proceedure for the flowers with the seed beads, leave a circle of the backing paper in the middle of the flower before dipping into beads. This will leave a place to adhere the ribbon to the center of the flower. Set flowers aside.
4.Using ultra clear tape stick down a random stem pattern that is appropriate for your configuration (1/8 inch tape is easiest to curve and shape.)
5. Place ribbon onto stem tape. Peel off backing of flowers and place on ends of ribbon stem. Peel off flower paper centers and wad small bits of ribbon in center of flowers. Peel off leaf backings and place randomly.
6. I used printable clear vellum sticker sheets for the headline. Stickers and rub-ons would also work. For added dimension chipboard letters would also make for a nice headline. The ultra clear tape will hold chipboard down nicely.