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Custom Scrapbooks by Lisa

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12 x 12 copper moire paper
12 x 12 teal mulberry paper
12 x 12 printed vellum (Creative Imaginations)
12 x 12 decorative metallic embellished paper
border tape
micro beads
alphabet foam shapes
fingerlift tape (sticks well to handmade papers)
decortive tag

1. Your going to love this page. It's fast and easy and is easy to alter to suit your needs. Start with your decorative background paper. If you have some paper with foil decorations on it, even better.
2. This page requires lots of tearing, so your page may not be exactly the same as mine but that's the beauty of tearing. Refer to the photo if you don't know how much to tear but your needs may be different according to the photos you have, you may need to change dimensions.
3.Make a small mat around your main photos with the teal mulberry paper. This mat can be cut. Tear a second mat around them with the copper paper. Set aside.
4. Tear a third of your vellum on both sides the full length of the paper. Place it in the middle of your background paper. If you do not want the adhesive to show glue the vellum where it will be hidden by your photos. Place your main photos on the page.
5. Tear a12" x 2 " wide strip of teal mulberry. Place the copper border tape down the center of the strip. Place strip along top half of page.
6. place your unmatted pictures along top of border strip.
7. Take your decorative die-cut tag and tear edges. Place tag on a remaining piece of mulberry paper and tear a border. Add fiber and partially slip tag under vellum.
8.Using alphabet foam shapes peal off front paper and dip in microbeads then peal off the back paper and place where appropriate.